Wednesday, March 16, 2011


The butterfly

Speaks deeply

to each of us:

If we want to fly

we must first crawl


into the cocoon of self.

As below, so above.

The above transformation plane,

the above butterfly shows us

chaos theory.

Edward Lorenz

back in the wild 60’s,

found a butterfly

when computer modeling

evolution of the world’s weather.

He found two wings,

two weather trajectories,

with the slightest disturbance

shifting the weather

from one wing to the other.

Permanent chaos.

Humans in stable periods

find and isolate deviants.

Haven’t we been there!

But when societal limits

are reached, however subjective

chaos and super sensitivity reign.

We are now in chaos,

super sensitivity to new ways.

The body of the butterfly,

small but mighty with muscles

can shift the trajectory

from greed to collaboration

from fear to love and

from war to peace.

Each of us a filament

of those tiny muscles

with such powerful impact.

Upon which wing do you rely?

Are you solving your inner wars

with acceptance?

Slowing enough to alight

and smell the spring daffodils?

Sending love from your heart

to embrace the all?

And thus, through chaos

We shift from the war wing

to discovering and allowing love.

We shift from shame and guilt

treasuring the immediate joys

We shift from fear and anger,

to peace, that only comes from within


Lizette Estelle Stiehr

March 16, 2011

Inspired and borrowed from The Chaos Point, Ervin Laszlo

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  1. I never thought of a butterfly as powerful and chaotic but will choose to ponder them differently now...such power in simplicity and grace. Beautiful work.