Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Light Into Dark

The mission,

so simple (!!)

is to bring

light into the dark.

To bring the light body,

the “body” of my soul

into my physical body.

The mission is

to unite,

bringing unity to the

body and the soul.

So drop that mental

down the elevator shaft

to the heart

and invite

your light body,

invite your soul


Lizette Stiehr

February 2, 2010

Inspired by You Are Becoming a Galactic Human Being, page 133


How is it that

we create all right angles?

90 degree angles every where.

Square picture frames

reflected in the rectangular

sliding glass doors.

Square tiles

and fireplaces.

We nailed Christ to

A 90 degree angle cross.

But nature is organic. ‘

Hardly a corner

to be found,

all rounded

softened angles.

We want a God of right angles.

Of right and wrong,

black and white.

Yet life is organic

So many grayness’s

Not what is

wrong or right,

but what do you love.

What stirs your passions?

And your heart?

Lizette Stiehr

February 2, 2010



The roadrunner
assumes the plank position,
head forward tail down,
to scuttle across the yard.

Comical in his intense hurry
To arrive……where?

As we scuttle,
at 75 miles an hour
across the infinity trail
we are hurrying
to arrive …… where?

Lizette Stiehr
January 9, 2010
Cordes Lakes, Arizona
At Len’s