Monday, December 22, 2014


ATOM (Ancient Teachings  of the Masters) asked me to give their Sunday talk yesterday.  This is the essence of what I shared.

I am so grateful to celebrate today the still point, the return and the increasing of the light in the year 2014. 

I want to share my reality of what has happened on our beloved Tera (our planet) post 2012, since December 21. 2012.  When the excitement that tantalized many of great earth changes, an apocalypse, did not manifest many felt that it fizzled. That nothing happened. 

Did anything happen?  In my reality structure YES.  There was a dramatic shift in the light dark balance.  My internal guidance talks about a light dark balance with a minute opening of 2 degrees for the light, that folks could access to make choices.  The 2012 astrological alignment with our Central Sun and work done here resulted in the light opening widening to 13 degrees.  From 2 degrees to 13 degrees is extreme.  There is a lot more light available for the planet and available for humans to access.]

What does that mean?  When the sun suddenly comes out,windows that looked totally clear under grey skies suddenly need cleaning as fingerprints and smudges become obvious. Another powerful metaphor is Jung’s view that our fears are just shadows on a cave wall.  Well when the light from the bonfire increases significantly the shadows get ever so much bigger. So with the increasing light coming into the planet, suddenly our places of fear, our patterns that are not of love show up as fingerprint smudges or shadows on the cave wall.  And the truth is the smudges, the shadows are not the actual reality of either the window or the fire. But if you allow yourself to focus on the shadows or the smudges they look bigger and worse when really they are.  What I see is not a world worsening, just one getting much more transparent.

Barbara Marincek’s Earth the Living Library introduced me to the concept that the Earth is prime real estate and owned by entities that eat fear and chaos as you and I eat carrots and potatoes.  So as the light is increasing there is vested interest in amping the fear from both from those vested in the familiar patterns of dominance and aggression on the planet in a body and from those with a vested interest in the energy we produce. And that amping looks like the view of the world we are fed from TV, radio, newspapers and twitter. Fortunately, for many of us that is not working as we are focusing elsewhere.  But the fear mongering is becoming more transparent.

A great example of the macrocosm of transparency is the torture report just released.  So what happened years ago is suddenly transparent and we are dealing with it as if it happened yesterday.  It was unacceptable, it is unacceptable and it is the light that brought forth this hidden truth. I believe that is happening with a lot of governments, our economics and with religions.

I am much more interested in the microcosm; the place within each of us. We all know that the single person we can change is our self. The way that peace is going to be manifested on earth is within enough individuals living inner peace to represent the shift that has already happened within Tera.

Many people I know are struggling with the reality on the planet at this time.  My favorite definition of reality comes from.ET 101 “The reality that you live is nothing more than an audio-visual demonstration of where your attention is.” Which means – and I know you know this but reminders are so very powerful – that when you “choose” to focus on the ills of the world, the horrors then you are fueling those wars, those traumas, those fears of lack.  As you focus within you on gratitude and thankfulness for the amazing abundance we actually experience daily then you create peace, “that seals the door where evil dwells”.  “Let peace begin with me” is one of the most powerful songs I know. 

Three years ago, over January my yoga teacher, Mary Ellen Darling, shared Don Miguel Ruiz’s four agreements with her class, one each week.  And when she presented the second agreement which is: “don’t take anything personally” she included it’s not about you anyway AND that includes your own self talk. What I thought? My self-talk is me, that’s who I am.  Wait a minute, I know better than that.  The Sedona Journal has become my daily antidote to the negativity found in the public news  It reminds me in the articles I read each morning that the light is increasing.   recent article mentioned that if we were to look at the ratio of negative versus positive thoughts in our self-talk that it would lean heavily toward the negative.  That balance has been a focus of my internal work since Mary Ellen brought it to my attention. I started observing my self-talk in order to not automatically claim it as me and take it seriously.  Lots of my internal talk was not peaceful.

I believe that the wave we were following prior to the Harmonic Convergence is August of 1987 was learning to follow the leader.  After the Convergence we were on the follow yourself wave.  In its highest expression, this was intended to follow your own intuition and inner guidance.  And we've all seen the result of the folks who translated this to following what served their greed or aggrandizement. And we know others who grew into much more beautiful people following their heart path.  Now, POST 2012 the wave is a Harmony Wave. 

How does a person find harmony?  Well you certainly don’t find it by following everyone else’s expectation of you. You don’t find it by martyring yourself to others needs.  You find it by following your own heart. By setting boundaries.  By making time to be able to hear your guidance and to be able to hear your own self talk. And I want to share the two tools I’m using this year that have resulted in my riding the harmony wave.

I mentioned that my three children were baptized at ATOM. My oldest is named Jesse Hooper. In one of my earlier astrology readings my guides and asked me to remember when Jesse, born in August, was toddling the next winter in his tiny mutton booties. He’d walk out the porch, down steps to the gravel driveway to get to the car. More than anything I wanted to hold his hand so if he fell I could keep him upright and not fall into the snow.  But oh no, he had to do it all himself.  Well, my guides said, that is exactly how it feels for them.  They want more than anything to hold your hand, to catch you as you fall.  But this is a free will zone and they can’t interfere, unless you ask. Tom T. Moore has published several books and monthly articles in f each Sedona Journal on his request for “the most benevolent outcome, even better than you can expect”.  This simple statement, prayer if you will, can be used, with great success everything from a parking place to a peaceful family Christmas celebration to deterring a hurricane  What a powerful way to gently and briefly allow your guides to help align things in your life towards joy and peace. 

I encourage you to use this most benevolent outcome when you are lying in bed in the morning, about the day, and most especially about anything you feel might be challenging.  If you go to this prayer, instead of the gerbil in the cage repeating of your fears, you will see a difference in the outcome.

During a recent vacation I discovered a very powerful prayer tool.  An article in the November/2014 Sedona Journal by Jim Novurse included this prayer from the Ho’oponopono, Hawaiian tradition.  He called it a tool. The article acknowledges that we don't know whether the issue pushing our buttons, resulting in our internal negative self-talk is just ours from our past lives, past patterns, parents or an issue that is from collective humanity.  This prayer tool asks for it to be healed for all of us.

The prayer tool asks you to say:  “I’m sorry Divine Creator, for errors in me that are showing up as this problem.  Please forgive me for these errors and please transmute them to zero so that I and all may be set free”.

I mentioned that I discovered this tool on a vacation to warm and sunny Eluthera (in the Bahamas) and Florida. That open space allowed me move slowly enough to really notice each time my internal self-talk turned negative.  So whenever I moved out of self-acceptance about whatever was happening, from too long a wait in line to 50 bug bites, I'd again do this prayer.  The results were amazing.

This poem from my book 2012 to Oneness summarizes my view:


No one snowflake 
thinks it is responsible
for the avalanche.

Yet as each crystalline form 
seeks to reflect the light,
the light switch is turned on.
No more shoveling out the dark.

The balance has shifted.

An avalanche of Light.

Monday, December 15, 2014

A christmas gift to myself 
and to you:

“I’m sorry Divine Creator, for errors in me that are showing up as this problem.  Please forgive me for these errors and please transmute them to zero so that I and all may be set free”.

A Ho’oponopono prayer

This prayer tool is the primary Christmas gift I'm giving myself this December. Discovering it on a two week vacation to warm and sunny Eluthera (in the Bahamas) and Florida with Stan gave me the perfect opportunity to practice it multiple times each day. I have long made a commitment to not take my internal self talk personally.  But decided to deepen this work with the suggestion to view the ratio of positive to negative thoughts in my internal dialogue. So whenever I moved out of self acceptance about whatever was happening, from too long a wait in line to 50 bug bites, I'd again do this prayer.  The most amazing results were in my personal relationship with Stan. Things I found irritating in our 24 hours 7 days a week togetherness on other trips were healed with the application of this prayer balm.  We returned closer and more in love.

The article in the November/2014 Sedona Journal by Jim Novurse that included this called it a tool.  He acknowledged that we don't know whether the issue pushing out buttons is just ours from our past patterns or an issue that is from collective humanity.  This prayer tool asks for it to be healed for all of us.

The glacier picture is an acknowledgement of what a small percentage of any glacier we see above the water. What others see of us is that same small percentage of the "surface" of our processing, our actions and words.  And beneath that which we express is the much greater truth of who we think we are:  expressed by our internal self talk.  I'm re-balancing mine to a more positive ratio to mirror the greater light flowing onto and into the planet.

Thank you for the present of your presence on this this planet and love that you (hopefully) give yourself so that it overflows out to us all.  I am feeling that love these days,  May your holidays be filled with that love. 

Lizette Estelle Stiehr
December 15, 2014