Monday, December 15, 2014

A christmas gift to myself 
and to you:

“I’m sorry Divine Creator, for errors in me that are showing up as this problem.  Please forgive me for these errors and please transmute them to zero so that I and all may be set free”.

A Ho’oponopono prayer

This prayer tool is the primary Christmas gift I'm giving myself this December. Discovering it on a two week vacation to warm and sunny Eluthera (in the Bahamas) and Florida with Stan gave me the perfect opportunity to practice it multiple times each day. I have long made a commitment to not take my internal self talk personally.  But decided to deepen this work with the suggestion to view the ratio of positive to negative thoughts in my internal dialogue. So whenever I moved out of self acceptance about whatever was happening, from too long a wait in line to 50 bug bites, I'd again do this prayer.  The most amazing results were in my personal relationship with Stan. Things I found irritating in our 24 hours 7 days a week togetherness on other trips were healed with the application of this prayer balm.  We returned closer and more in love.

The article in the November/2014 Sedona Journal by Jim Novurse that included this called it a tool.  He acknowledged that we don't know whether the issue pushing out buttons is just ours from our past patterns or an issue that is from collective humanity.  This prayer tool asks for it to be healed for all of us.

The glacier picture is an acknowledgement of what a small percentage of any glacier we see above the water. What others see of us is that same small percentage of the "surface" of our processing, our actions and words.  And beneath that which we express is the much greater truth of who we think we are:  expressed by our internal self talk.  I'm re-balancing mine to a more positive ratio to mirror the greater light flowing onto and into the planet.

Thank you for the present of your presence on this this planet and love that you (hopefully) give yourself so that it overflows out to us all.  I am feeling that love these days,  May your holidays be filled with that love. 

Lizette Estelle Stiehr
December 15, 2014

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