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Automatic Writing November 10, 2014

November 10, 2014 - Automatic Writing


We are a broad band group.  A broad band of frequencies and the closest you get to information flow from across the void.  Most of which, of course, doesn't translate in your physical experience. Your merged selves may come through you to experience the focal point of form, but it’s simply high fascination for them of a very unusual experience.  It's not exactly new learning on either side.
But then, the higher you go, frequency wise, the less it is about learning.  And the more it’s about experiencing.  That’s why you hear over and over from higher frequency channels that there are no mistakes, simply choices that can be made differently next time if you don’t enjoy the outcome or the experience.  And if there is any learning it’s about not duplicating what you don’t enjoy experiencing.

Question:  Talk about intimate relationships, please.

OK.  Actually there are two parts to this.  You are still in 3D, physical form (well actually your form is not 3D anymore) but as you shared with your sister, there are still patterns that belong to you , such as dismissive of men, that you want to heal.  And so you bring a male to you that is a great foil for that pattern.  Your man brings tremendous resources:  persistence with flexibility, great love for you, valuing of education/learning, financial resources and desire to travel.  Yet you focus on his insecurity.  Could that possibly be related to your own insecurity schmoo? (haha of course it is).  He offers way more than you give him value for.  And you know, without that relationship you would once again be on the manhunt. And truthfully that is not time well spent for you.  Be grateful, count the blessings.  You know how to do that.

The truth from the higher end of our Group range, is you are doing marvelously. You are radiating this huge set of concentric rings of light with very little (and this is important and a good thing) focus on any individual portion of any frequency ring. Even with
the grandchildren, where you spend concerted time, you are excellent about letting them call it.  Letting them decide when they want a verbal shot of your reality. While those times are the most meaningful for you, a little bit goes a long way for them. They've got strong frameworks and you don’t want to rock those.  That serves no one.
So you radiate out.  But you don’t see the draws at the higher levels bringing folks to the bridge.  Still amazing to us.  And good work on the self-talk.  

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