Thursday, December 31, 2009

10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60


Gap toothed

Pig tailed

Tree climbing.


Feeling immortal

Fearless traveling

I have it all figured out.

At 30 – SEEKER


heart opening

spirit seeking.


The flower blooms,

petals open,

astrology flows

children grow.


Taking up reins of power,

standing in my decisions

“the boss”.


Surrender is the opposite

of giving up.

It is the allowing it to be.

Accepting what already is.

Lizette Estelle Stiehr

December 8, 2009

Dedicated to Carol Noddings inspiration

Wednesday, December 23, 2009


God says “An eye for an eye,

A tooth for a tooth”


“turn the other cheek”.

How can that be?

Information is frequency based.

A volcano eruption

is terrifying and destroying.

A volcano eruption

is gorgeous and land building.

How can it be both?

Information is frequency based.

ET’s procure humans,

prod and poke them.

ET’s come in light and love

sharing wisdom.

How can both be?

Information is frequency based.

We understand information

as it fits into our knowledge,

and matches our frequency.

Do you live in fear


do you live in wonder?

Life is frequency based.

Lizette Estelle Stiehr

December 28, 2009


I Married the Judge

I found the judge

inside me.

So critical

so harsh.

I should have

remembered her birthday.

I should have

been articulate

so “they” would understand.

I found my judge,

so cruel

toward the mother

walking away from

her screaming child.

I found my judge,

so harsh toward

the negative, self serving

comments of others.

I found my Judge

and married him,

to morphs him

into discernment.

I see others actions

and know,

I don’t know

what others

ought to do.

They’re doing it perfectly,

as am I.

Lizette Stiehr

October 5, 2009

Sunday, December 20, 2009


I drop my consciousness

from my head

down into my heart.

The head space

is so restricted,

so set in the old patterns.

I want to be “seen”

and accepted by others.

The heart space is so huge

that a thought,

large in “head land”,

is a mere dot

shrunk in the heart spaciousness.

With the drop into my heart,

I can feel the oddness

of having body parts,

my head and shoulders,

above my consciousness,

instead of the free space

so needed above my head.

As I ‘”drop” down

the heart me ripples out,

and out and out and out.

Forming concentric circles,

humming and vibrating.

Inhabiting a huge space.

Each ripple,

also an orbit

of another merged self,

of self acceptance

of self forgiveness,

of unconditional love

Lizette Estelle Stiehr

December 20, 2009

Bless you Monica, for ending yoga each week

with "Now, drop your consciousness from your

head down into your heart".

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The Rat/Horse Race

The horse race is over.

The 10,000 lifetimes of

pounding hooves,

bunched muscles and

billowing breath

with blinders focusing all on

fame, possessions and status,

is over.

The race is over.

Blinders removed.

Suddenly a whole field opens.

Our world is widened immeasurably.

Yet for what?

Blinders off,

a whole world is transparent

with choices as open

as the entire field, the sky.

Do you continue to run all out

circling the open field?

It’s the known action.

Without blinders

we race in different directions.

Freedom or lostness?

What is the destination?

Or do you race

to join the herd?

Following the leading mare,

flowing to and fro,

defined by the herd.

Or do you kick out,

blaming others

for the sudden

“loss” of destination?

OR do you drop your

hard headed history

of knowing with your mind,

into knowing with you heart?

Allowing your heart steering

to move you to the center of the field,

or to a small group,

or alone under the shade tree

by trickling water.

Allowing you to do what heals you.

To pull in the clover scented fresh air,

the sparking sun, the joy in life.

the joy in having a physical life,

of hooves planted on the earth,

in love and joy and gratitude.

Allowing your heart steering

to guide your mission,

to define the new “race”.

Lizette Estelle Stiehr

December 12/0/09

Inspired by Selacia’s article “Transparency”,

Sedona Journal, Dec, 09, Page 46

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Deliver Us!

Deliver Us!

sing the Hebrews

under pharaoh.

Save us.

You do it.

Come my

white knight

in shining armor,

Save me.

You do it.

Come back Messiah.

Come deliver us,

from the darkness

we’ve created.

Carry us to the light.

You do it.

Suddenly I hear,

in the call,

“everybody wants

a ride to heaven,

but nobody wants

to make the climb” (1)

You carry me.

You do it.

Suddenly I hear

the recognition,

in the call,

of me being

the victim.

You save me.

You do it.

How can I

ask for that?

I believe

“It is no longer

the time of

great spiritual leaders.

It is now the time

of great spirits,

instead.” (2)

I am the only one

who can deliver me

from my fears,

my self imposed


It is time to break the bonds

of my inner wars,

my fears of ridicule.

It is time to claim

the wings of my light

and fly in lightness

and humor,

into the accountability

of being fully

responsible for my life.

I carry me.

I do it.

Lizette Estelle Stiehr

Nov. 3, 2009

Inspired by the song Deliver Us from the soundtrack of Prince of Egypt

Coupled with session with Todd

1) ride to heaven from a Hoyt Axton song

2) from ET 101

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Tea Lights

I lit the tea light

and watched the flame

struggle to climb

down the wick

to the paraffin.

I watched the flame

get smaller and tighter,

leaving blackened

burned wick behind.

A drop of flame

reached the candle body,

and slowly

created a small

pool of melted wax.

Only then did the flame

grow and expand

to include

the entire wick.

So like how we

return to Source.

Pulling in our flame

from the activities

and demands of

day to day life.

To burn down

deep within,

seeking that

large reservoir.

Shrinking our self first.

Reaching down,

with great courage

and faith,

as the flame shrinks.

Then finding


At first hardened,

opaque with our fears,

our old patterns

of what Source

should be.

But as we stay focused,

attention on the small flame,

looking inward,

the surface of true self


becomes clear and

turns into fuel

for the larger flame,

that is our true Self.

To burn loudly

and large

as One with Source

Lizette Estelle Stiehr

Oct 17, 2009

Written sitting in the outhouse of Molly

And Gregg’s cabin

Monday, November 30, 2009


A mother stands,

pudgy fingers

framing her face.

“ook at me, mama”

“ook at me,

full attention demanded.

Christ stands

arms outstretched.

Each of us choosing

how much of his attention

we think we deserve.

The Creator stands,

arms behind Her back.

A humble servant

loyal to our peace and joy,

and equally loyal to our

fear and disapproval.

Knowing no right or wrong,

Just “the silent knowingness

That only moves to create

Upon our request.”

What do YOU choose?

Lizette Estelle Stiehr

November 29, 2009

Inspired by Heather Fraser’s article

and the quote from her article:,

“The Answer” in Nov. 09

Sedona Journal, page. 87

check her out at

Sunday, November 29, 2009


I shift from

goals for just me

to goals for my children.

I am a mother now.

Shift Happens!

I shift from

working for the state,

to working for my soul.

I am growing

Shift happens!

I shift from

a workaholic life

to a sailing away life.

I try on the party dress.

Shift Happens!

I shift from

being the healer,

to being healed.

I glow.

Shift Happens!

Today I shift

from being loved

for my accomplishments.

to being loved for me.

Shift Happens!

Today I shift from

loving you for what you’ve done.

to loving you

for being you.

Shift Does Happen!

November 26, 2009

Thanksgiving morning

Following powerful session with Todd Rector

Monday, November 16, 2009

The Path

I arrived at Couer D’Alene
in the sunshine
at the end of August

Preparing to walk
the familiar short path
through deep trees
towards the hills

The bridge where
we played billy goats gruff
with the children
is exactly the same

The devils club
and ferns sparkling
with rain drops

But the path
where I’ve come for
the fall colors
on my birthday
year after year
is totally different

Big trees are downed
from Spruce beetle kill
blocking the path
routing one far uphill.

And the light
floods into
what was once
deep forest with a single
pine needled trail.

So odd.
More light
yet not passable.

How like my inner life
flooded with light
sparkling with reflected
water drops of all colors.
The sky is huge
I can see the mountains
on three sides of me
but the old familiar trail is impassible.

The old path of
service to others
regardless of the cost to me
of giving when
I’ve no more to give
has become impassable.

Now the path is
rerouted anew
and yet

I serve the light

I serve the light created by my intention
as defined from within
not from without
from the old martyr
definition of service.
There is no victim
Here within me.

I serve the light
Of peace and contentment
joy and harmony
and growth

Growth of finding
the new path
the one that releases me
from the old patterns

The old patterns of
a good woman gives more
than she has.
A good woman stays
until death.
A good woman
never gets angry.

This weekend
I camp alone.
filling my cup
with people silent.
Creek’s running
raven’s calling and
the tide surging in and out.

I could have stayed
to help with the grandchildren.
A “good woman” would have.
I’ve graduated.

I graduated to a path
that only opens right
in front of me.

I graduated to knowing
I have to fill my own well
To be able to walk with Tera.

I’ve graduated into
loving me enough
to fill my well
ever with the intention of joy and peace.

Lizette Stiehr
August 29, 2009

At the campground above Hope. Alaska

All Along

We ask the light to come in
We ask Source
from out there
When all the time
it's been here
deep within.

Seeing/feeling it
is a matter of unwrapping
the veils arround ourselves
the fears and patterns
the pretenses and defenses
And always we were hiding
Source from ourselves

As the veils unwrap
The wings unfold
The heart soars
The mind calms

It was all here
All along

April 9, 2009