Sunday, December 20, 2009


I drop my consciousness

from my head

down into my heart.

The head space

is so restricted,

so set in the old patterns.

I want to be “seen”

and accepted by others.

The heart space is so huge

that a thought,

large in “head land”,

is a mere dot

shrunk in the heart spaciousness.

With the drop into my heart,

I can feel the oddness

of having body parts,

my head and shoulders,

above my consciousness,

instead of the free space

so needed above my head.

As I ‘”drop” down

the heart me ripples out,

and out and out and out.

Forming concentric circles,

humming and vibrating.

Inhabiting a huge space.

Each ripple,

also an orbit

of another merged self,

of self acceptance

of self forgiveness,

of unconditional love

Lizette Estelle Stiehr

December 20, 2009

Bless you Monica, for ending yoga each week

with "Now, drop your consciousness from your

head down into your heart".

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  1. Oh honey, this so feels like harmonic communication. So Love it... Can't wait to see you. Love Len