Thursday, December 10, 2009

Deliver Us!

Deliver Us!

sing the Hebrews

under pharaoh.

Save us.

You do it.

Come my

white knight

in shining armor,

Save me.

You do it.

Come back Messiah.

Come deliver us,

from the darkness

we’ve created.

Carry us to the light.

You do it.

Suddenly I hear,

in the call,

“everybody wants

a ride to heaven,

but nobody wants

to make the climb” (1)

You carry me.

You do it.

Suddenly I hear

the recognition,

in the call,

of me being

the victim.

You save me.

You do it.

How can I

ask for that?

I believe

“It is no longer

the time of

great spiritual leaders.

It is now the time

of great spirits,

instead.” (2)

I am the only one

who can deliver me

from my fears,

my self imposed


It is time to break the bonds

of my inner wars,

my fears of ridicule.

It is time to claim

the wings of my light

and fly in lightness

and humor,

into the accountability

of being fully

responsible for my life.

I carry me.

I do it.

Lizette Estelle Stiehr

Nov. 3, 2009

Inspired by the song Deliver Us from the soundtrack of Prince of Egypt

Coupled with session with Todd

1) ride to heaven from a Hoyt Axton song

2) from ET 101


  1. I love this, Lizette ... so powerful

  2. So wonderful, Lizette. Please keep the poetry coming!