Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Tea Lights

I lit the tea light

and watched the flame

struggle to climb

down the wick

to the paraffin.

I watched the flame

get smaller and tighter,

leaving blackened

burned wick behind.

A drop of flame

reached the candle body,

and slowly

created a small

pool of melted wax.

Only then did the flame

grow and expand

to include

the entire wick.

So like how we

return to Source.

Pulling in our flame

from the activities

and demands of

day to day life.

To burn down

deep within,

seeking that

large reservoir.

Shrinking our self first.

Reaching down,

with great courage

and faith,

as the flame shrinks.

Then finding


At first hardened,

opaque with our fears,

our old patterns

of what Source

should be.

But as we stay focused,

attention on the small flame,

looking inward,

the surface of true self


becomes clear and

turns into fuel

for the larger flame,

that is our true Self.

To burn loudly

and large

as One with Source

Lizette Estelle Stiehr

Oct 17, 2009

Written sitting in the outhouse of Molly

And Gregg’s cabin


  1. Lizette, this is so true that it took my breath for a moment. Thank you for that meditation. It makes my flame long for more Source.