Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The Rat/Horse Race

The horse race is over.

The 10,000 lifetimes of

pounding hooves,

bunched muscles and

billowing breath

with blinders focusing all on

fame, possessions and status,

is over.

The race is over.

Blinders removed.

Suddenly a whole field opens.

Our world is widened immeasurably.

Yet for what?

Blinders off,

a whole world is transparent

with choices as open

as the entire field, the sky.

Do you continue to run all out

circling the open field?

It’s the known action.

Without blinders

we race in different directions.

Freedom or lostness?

What is the destination?

Or do you race

to join the herd?

Following the leading mare,

flowing to and fro,

defined by the herd.

Or do you kick out,

blaming others

for the sudden

“loss” of destination?

OR do you drop your

hard headed history

of knowing with your mind,

into knowing with you heart?

Allowing your heart steering

to move you to the center of the field,

or to a small group,

or alone under the shade tree

by trickling water.

Allowing you to do what heals you.

To pull in the clover scented fresh air,

the sparking sun, the joy in life.

the joy in having a physical life,

of hooves planted on the earth,

in love and joy and gratitude.

Allowing your heart steering

to guide your mission,

to define the new “race”.

Lizette Estelle Stiehr

December 12/0/09

Inspired by Selacia’s article “Transparency”,

Sedona Journal, Dec, 09, Page 46

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  1. I love this one. The eternal struggle of racing vs being. Thank you.