Saturday, January 22, 2011


The Vegans, our next pole star,

say when they shifted long ago

from duality into unity,

their physical forms showed each

individuals spiritual work.

How odd they thought it

that we humans waited

until we’d dropped our bodies

to display that growth, or not,

with horns and hooves

or wings and halos.

I so wonder what that looked like

in/on/though their bodies.

Was it a radiance of light shining out?

Was it a transparency

as their body became less dense?

Did one part of the body change?

A heart glowing through chest walls?

A third eye opened, becoming

visible on a forehead?

Wouldn’t it be amazing?

to be able to see such truths

on or in our human bodies?

We do receive the truth of

others through our hearts

which tell us the truth,

while heads and minds,

so trained to edit,

so entrained in collective patterns

lead us astray more often

than offer the truth.

You must serve others

until your well is dry.

You must focus on saving all others

or risk being labeled selfish.

While the heart tells us true.

I’m too tired to do that.

I can’t deal with that person now.

I need time alone.

I need time outside.

I need stillness time.

Granting the heart message

is our path to peace and joy


Lizette Estelle Stiehr

January 21, 2011

The painting was done by Lizette Inzunza
Isn't she amazing?

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