Saturday, December 25, 2010

The Blade and the Holy Grail

Our souls marched down

into the 3rd Dimension

spreading the light

as thin as was possible with

much dark between each light sparkle.

We carried our swords, our blades

to carve the dense fear

into bite sized pieces.

We’ve carried that blade

to carve our protection

and equally our power

for millenniums.

And now,

as we march back towards

a world where the

light dark balance is so different,

we lay down our swords,

the blades of the 3rd dimension,

to accept the chalice

of the 5th dimension.

We move to accept the chalice,

the holy grail, full of liquid light

that is ourselves.

Ourselves as co-creators,

unafraid of our reality and seeking

collaboration and cooperation

of being one with all

in Unity.

We turn our back on fear

and face the light

radiating from within us

and march in the direction

of change, into the holy grail.

It is the new day

of a new year

and a very different millennium.

If we choose that.

Merry Christmas today

and every day.

Lizette Estelle Stiehr

December 25, 2010

(inspired Deane GeMMell’s channeling of the Guardians through Saga-Oracle, in December, 2010 Sedona Journal, on P. 110)


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