Saturday, December 25, 2010

Day of Grace

The water is on for coffee.

I open the front door for the newspaper

expecting the single digit cold.

And see, unexpectedly,

a brand new blanket

of fresh, reflective snow

under the bright moon.

Grace – an unexpected

blessing from heaven.

The surprise is shocking,

not from the cold,

but the lightness, the beauty.

The black and white world

all soft curves.

My little back Ion car

is an abstract of black lines

connecting large patches of white.

I am lifted by the beauty,

graced by the contrast,

frozen by the moment.

Graces releases all

“to do” thoughts of the day.

I stand and absorb

the silence in the morning peace.

I am graced by this day,

by the gentle snow

and the reflected lightness.

Thank you.

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