Saturday, November 10, 2012


When my mother labored,
and I was delivered
Daddy’s and husbands
were not allowed near.

Mom’s themselves,
flat on their backs,
were not present but drugged.
Babies arrived asleep,
“under the influence”.

One generation later,
when I had my babies,
moving around encouraged,
midwives working with doctors.
Pain meds available
but not pushed, not taken.

Baby’s Daddy’s and friends
present and involved.
Babies, once again
delivered to wide awake love.

Now each of us is
birthing our post 2012 world,
deep in those labor pains.

The world is not going away
in 2012.
But right now you
are determining what
that new world
will be like for you.

Are you laboring
flat on your back,
listening to instructions
from someone else?
Are you accepting the anesthesia
that the economic powers
offer you minute by minute?
Another credit care application.
And you’re already approved!!
Buy more.
Have more.
Show off more,
but don’t think.

Or are you in labor,
breathing with the pain,
grateful for each respite?
Lining your bed side
with friends and family and guides
who truly support you.

Are you using
a walk in the sun,
a funny movie,
coffee with friend
for your pain meds?

We are all laboring.
And we will deliver.

I want my new life
to be delivered to
wide awake love and joy.
Not to mention deep peace.

Lizette Estelle Stiehr
April 6, 2011

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  1. I have a drawing I made in 1996 of me with a pregnant belly (way past kids), knowing full well I was pregnant, at the time, with ideas!
    Right on, my friend. Um...I'm feeling "with child" again!