Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Steel Slide Guitar

If I could ease your pain.

If I could lighten your load.

If could make things a little better for you.

The lipstick case

screams across steel strings.

Music that touches

hidden places deep within.

A wailing cry of pain,

so close to high excitement.

Reaching inside

for something almost there.

The rhythm, the beat

a pulsing salve

over the pain/pleasure.

I need to hold my center of gravity.

I need to serve me first.

I need to live my joy.

The steel slides

moving freely

back and forth

from one octave

to another.

Neither octave

the answer.

Both are right

in their place

in the music

of life,

of my life,

in this

precious human body.

Lizette Stiehr

July 18, 2011

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