Friday, June 24, 2011

Water Element

Water is the one element;

out of the four:

air, fire, earth and water

that walks in the moccasins

of each of its siblings.

Water floats in the air,

a glittering rainbow

of powdered snow

drifting weightless

on air currents,

winking at the sun.

When torched by fire,

water steams mightily

driving monstrous locomotives

or cleansing human forms

in sightless, yet light-filled

sweat lodges and steam rooms.

Emulating its sister Earth,

water forms itself to the ground.

Huge glaciers bulldoze the earth.

Or water may cover the earths surface,

however uneven with smooth and shiny.

In its natural state

water flows to contour,

to whatever shape its given,

from riverbanks to ocean shores.

Always giving in graciously,

uniting and combining



February 20, 2011

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