Wednesday, June 22, 2011

No Photon of Darkness

I was taught

there is no evil,

only ignorance.

I struggled.

But what about….




I came to know

that evil is live

spelled backwards,

ignorance in practice.

The physical analogy?

There is no

particle of darkness.

There are only

particles of light: photons.

Evil, the dark,

has no substance,

no matter,

only an absence of light,

an absence of love.

There is no matter

with which you can

turn on the dark.

You can only

deny the light.

Once you shield yourself

from the light,

as undeserving perhaps,

your seemingly “real” world

is but Jung’s shadows

projected by the fire light

against the wall of the cave.

There is no substance there

except your belief.

From the high view

evil (dark) is simply

good (light) that

hasn’t arrived yet.

I am loving

watching the “light”

arrive in my life.

How is yours?

Lizette Estelle Stiehr

June 22, 2012

Inspired by Energy Blessings from the Stars, Fruest and Essene p.89

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