Friday, April 1, 2011

2012 and James Bond

Arjuna Ardagh,

I so love your image

of 2012 as the end

of a James Bond movie.

The forces of evil,

ever clandestine and international,

appearing benevolent while

attempting world control.

All aligned

against one James Bond.

One suave, fearless,,

humor, life (and lust) filled

James Bond

who is living in the moment.

In a nail biter to the end,

Bond uncovers,

discovers, takes on

and undoes

the robotic like forces

of evil which is

live spelled backwards.

And here we are: humanity.

With 1% of us funny humans

holding 40% of the worlds wealth.

Transparency now unveiling

the greed over integrity

at the core of our old system.

The translucents are

those who have touched

the Oneness.

Those who have

walked through the illusion

of “he who dies

with the most toys, wins”.

Those who’s minds

no longer master them,

but rather their hearts.

Those who know the truth

Of we are all related.

Those who have experienced

we are just one molecule

of the greater body.

The translucents

are poised,

suave and fearless

getting the humor the great comic joke,

and living in the moment.

The translucents,

in a nail biter

to the end,

are no longer living

in fear.

They are no longer

cratering to the

buy more,

spend more

have more


Instead creating

their own lives

of love and joy

with peace at the center.

Turning evil on it’s

pointy little head

And living forward

to create a new world order.

Lizette Estelle Stiehr

March 30, 2011

For more see the Translucent Revolution by

Arjuna Ardagh

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