Monday, May 2, 2011


Life starts,

carried in the

arms of another.


leaving the families arms

for comrades in arms:


Then searching for a soul mate,

as if another could make you whole.

And finally turning

within and without.

Seeking greater answers.

Finding yourself

alone in the boat,

only to realize that

Source is rowing.

If your free will

allows it so.

All that is asked

is to listen and

follow guidance.

But then one day

the boat bumps

to shore.

And Source, still love, and

the wind under your wings,

stops rowing.

And begins asking,

over and over again.

What do you want?

What brings you joy?

Oh, you don’t like that?

Withdraw your energy.

What would you like?

Co-creators we are.

Creating a life,

living a reality

framed by our perceptions.

Lizette Estelle Stiehr

May 2, 2011

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