Monday, April 19, 2010


“Not my will, but Thy will”

is a lie.

It separates what is one.

“I am willing to will the will of God”

was me ever reaching

closer to the truth

that we are ONE.

“I am willing the will of God”

was reaching closer yet,

toes in the water of truth,

ankles in the water of the Beloved.

“I am the will of God”

is my truth.

The angels speak

When I’m headed aright.

I am committed

to the path,

ever inward, ever bigger.

And always finding

the shadow places

that need a bit more light,

or a lot more light

in the ocean of love


“”I am the will of God”

does not make me God,

but it clears God

to full rights to me.

“I am the will of god”

makes me an atom of Her toenail.

But it fills every cell of me

with the beloved.

“I am the will of God”.

Help me find daily

the patterns in me

that aren’t yet love.

Lizette Estelle Stiehr

Dedicated to Bev Knox

February 5, 2004


  1. This is even more significant after our talk yesterday. Please continue sharing this wonderful gift you have!